Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why Not Play Minecraft - Wrong Dogs!

I fix the names of my dogs -just-, almost made a really stupid mistake, and I fight a few monsters whilst cave exploring ;) Seed: -5494648662627123178 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- T-Shirts - tssminecraft.spreadshirt.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your Intros! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Record yourself saying "Hi I'm (your name), and you're watching Why Not Play: Minecraft with Flabaliki" Make sure to send me a picture of your world too! (It can just be a free creative world, or even someone else's that you think is cool!) Submissions: intros@tssminecraft.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questions ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you would like to personally ask me some questions please submit them here and I will reply asap: flabaliki.tumblr.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact ...
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Loukanikos, Louk, Thodoris; Like many other heroic figures through time, this brave riot dog goes under a lot of names. Louk is a stray dog living on the streets of Athens, Greece; and has become famous for joining in on the many protests and riots which have taken place there the past year. Often found at the front lines dodging tear gas and barking at the police; he has become a mascot for the protesters, and a symbol for the ongoing fight. As a part of the American musician Davis Rovics' "Big Red Sessions"-album (free for download on his webpage www.davidrovics.com), "Riot Dog" is David's salute to this brave dog's fight for justice in the economic turmoil that has hit Greece. Animated by the Norwegian Flash-animator Bjørn-Magne Stuestøl (www.shagrat.net) in collaboration with David Rovics. A high quality Flash edition of the animation can be seen here: www.shagrat.net/riot.html Enjoy; and let's all hear it for Loukanikos; The riot dog!

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